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Hidez Compression Suits and Socks

Terms & Conditions

Hidex Compression Socks

The costs:
Hidez Compression Suit MK11 Travel & Recovery Horse – £449
Neck Horse – £125 to order
Compression Socks £ Horse ” £145
Ice Compression Socks – Horse – £165
Available colours black, bright blue & red
Please contact us for a price for custom printed suits.

How the hiring works.

We charge the full RRP of the suit & socks as a deposit, as stated above, in advance. The hire period is 2 weeks and if after 2 weeks you decide not to keep the suit or socks, after they are returned and checked, we will issue you with a refund less the hire fee of £50 inc VAT plus the delivery charge £10 inc VAT for the suit or £25 for a pair of compression socks.

The hiring charge is £50 for 2 weeks hire for the suit or £25 for 2 weeks hire of the socks.

If you decide that you want to buy the Compression suit or socks, if you have hired a used suit or pair of socks, after it has been returned to us, we will send you out a new suit or pair of socks. If you have hired a new suit or pair of socks, then you would keep this one.

Please don’t send back damaged suits or socks because we won’t issue you with a refund!

The suits & socks are sent out next day delivery except for Friday. The hirer is responsible for the safe return of the suit or socks & I would recommend My Hermes or a similar insured signed for service.

The suit & socks must be returned cleaned with no damage to them. Don’t worry about any hairs! You will need to wash the suit & socks in a non-bio washing powder in a 30c washing machine cycle preferably in a wash bag. If you would prefer us to wash the rug, the charge for washing is £5.

Payment is either via PayPal or credit/debit card from the website or via bank transfer.

I like to demonstrate how to use the suit or socks where I can, so please ask! Any questions please contact me, before you try it on your horse.

Please note that the rug is not a replacement for veterinary care or advice.
Do NOT use on horses with a temperature, infections or fractures!


We do not advise leaving the suit on overnight whilst you are hiring it as a shoe could cause a rip in the suit. If, after you have purchased the suit this does happen then you can send the suit back to Australia (at your cost) and Hidez will repair it, at your cost.

Make sure that you put a rug over the suit whilst your horse is stabled just in case they catch the suit on a sharp corner.

The sizes for the compression and ice compression socks are:
Small 15hh-15.2hh
Medium 16hh-16.2hh
Large 17hh – 17.2hh
X large 18h+

Size Guide Compression Suits

14 – 14.2hh
15 – 15.2hh
16 – 16.2hh
17 – 17.2hh
18 – 18.2hh