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Hidez Compression Suits and Socks

Design & Fitting

Hidez Hood and Beck

What does the HIDEZ recovery suit do?

HIDEZ recovery suits do a number of things. Mainly it is designed to enhance blood flow back to the heart from the extremities (lower limbs), It will help supply more oxygen to muscles (enhance muscle activity), flush out waste products from blood supplies (e.g. lactic acids) and stop muscles from the effects of vibration (reduces DOMS). All of which will help reduce recovery times.

How do HIDEZ support muscles in transport?

When travelling the animal’s muscles vibrate and shake around uncontrollably, causing microfiber tears in the muscles which allows the enzyme creatine kinase (CK) to leak in and break down muscle cells causing cramping and travel fatigue. The HIDEZ suits are cut and sewn in a specific way, using our distinct seams that act as anchor points to help wrap the muscles holding them firm against the body stopping muscle vibration.

How do HIDEZ help muscles?

Animals muscle feel more fatigued & less powerful when they vibrate. HIDEZ suits are constructed in a way that holds them very tight against the animal’s body in the right places, to help reduce vibration and improve muscle focus & proprioception (awareness).

Can HIDEZ help to prevent an injury?

Yes. When HIDEZ are worn during transport, the compressive effect prevents muscles from vibration & overextending (which can cause injury). Also HIDEZ can be worn before exercise warming up muscle and reduce the risk of muscle stress.

Can Hidez help with medical conditions?

The increased oxygenation and circulation provided by HIDEZ is an excellent way of relieving a range of medical complaints including travel fatigue, muscle fatigue, lymphedema, and Ty-up. It also helps to improve circulation during pregnancy, or after an operation.

Can HIDEZ be worn for long periods of time?

Yes. HIDEZ are designed to help with the effect of travel sickness, muscle fatigue, and ty-up, plus speed up the recovery time of injuries. The HIDEZ suit can be left on for extended periods of time, provided the animal is in a standing position and secured, or being lead. the Hidez suits are not designed for use when the animal is laying down.

The Compression Socks are available with or without ice pockets. Compression and cooling is an effective way of helping legs recover after work and healing from injuries. Compression is also very effective at reducing the size of windgalls.

A film of how to fit the Hidez Compression Suit