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Design & Fitting

The Rambo® Micklem Multibridle and Competition bridles were designed by William Micklem who is a successful trainer and a breeder of event horses in Ireland.

The Rambo® Micklem Bridle has a wide and padded headpiece which distributes the weight of the bridle evenly and comfortably, thus preventing all the weight going on the noseband and on the fragile bones in the nose. There are 2 versions; the Multi Bridle and the Competition/Deluxe/Diamante Bridle. The Multi Bridle is the only Micklem bridle that you can use both with a bit, bitless, and as a lunge cavesson.

The horse’s head is a very sensitive area as the top of the jaw that is much wider than the lower jaw. The Rambo® Micklem Bridle is designed to follow the shape of the horse’s skull.

The main areas it is designed to avoid are the cheek bones, pressure on the facial nerves and upper jaw molar teeth, as well as delicate and fragile bones at the end of the nose.

Tight fitting cavessons, flash nosebands and bitless bridles can cause discomfort to the horse, this issues can affect the contact and subsequently your horse’s performance. William Micklem’s unique curved design with a slightly dropped noseband, avoids pressure on the protruding molars at the side of the jaw.

The noseband of the Micklem Bridle sits higher than a normal noseband to avoid the fragile bones at the end of the nose. Tight flash & cavesson nosebands can put pressure on the main motor and sensory nerves that exit the skull; these are sited at the position of a traditional noseband. This can cause some horses to rub their heads on a foreleg after work as this area is very sensitive and can become numb. Continuous pressure in this area can also damage blood vessels and tissue, creating an enlargement of the fibrous tissue.

The bit clips are a tongue protection system relieving the pressure on the tongue and transferring the pressure onto the nose. This can helps horses that have tongue pressure issues or for horses that get their tongues over the bit, it can also help with horses that stick their tongues out to the side. The attached bit clips can also help with horses that pull going across country, as the weight is transferred onto the noseband which then acts as a combination noseband.

The 3 bitless options that the Micklem Multi Bridle offers are really comfortable for the horse. The video below explains the fitting of the Micklem Bridle including the bitless options of the Multi Bridle.

Both bridles are legal to use in affiliated British Dressage and British Eventing competitions without the bit clips.

Please view this very thorough video which explains the fitting procedure for the Micklem Bridles.

Horseware Fitting Video