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£30 for 2 weeks - plus delivery.

How It Works

You pay the RRP of £450 inc VAT & delivery for the rug in advance.

If you decide to keep the rug after the 2 week hire period, if you then return the hired rug to me, I will then send you a brand new rug.

If you decide to return the rug after the hire period, then upon safe return of the clean rug, we will refund you the difference less the hire fee & delivery charge (£10.00). Please note I will not take the rug back after the 2 week hire period is up.

Please contact me for further information or if you have any questions.

Size Guide

Small – 5’3 – 5’9 (160 ” 175cms)
Medium – 6’ ” 6’6 (180 ” 198cms)
Large – 6’9 ” 7’3 (206 ” 221cms)

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Sportz Vibe Rug

Sportz Vibe Rug
Sportz Vibe Rug


If your horse has physical problems that might be aggravated by massage or vibration, consult your veterinarian before using Sportz-Vibe. In some cases, your horse may have an underlying condition which means you shouldn’t use Sportz-Vibe, for example in the case of fractures, cancer and certain skin conditions massage may not be an appropriate treatment.

Ionic Rug


IONIC Therapy Technology by Horseware. Harnessing the benefits of negative Ion therapy, the Rambo Ionic ® Rug is lined with a ceramic screen print infused with Tourmaline Powder. Tourmaline, a naturally occurring crystal, releases negative ions that improve the hydration capacity of the blood by causing a change of the water in the horse’s body. This change allows for improved circulation, aids increased delivery of oxygen and removal of toxins from the body. Ideal for use before exercise to prepare muscles for work and following work to help reduce lactic acid build up.

Black/Orange Sizes 3’.9 to 7’.3 (75cms to 165cms)

For Sale Only

Size 3’9 to 5’9 – £122 inc VAT & Delivery
Size 6’0 to 7’3 – £145.00 inc VAT & Delivery

Ionic Rug

Ionic Rug