Design & Fitting

The Sportz-Vibe massage rug is supplied with:

4 panels
1 rechargeable battery
4 panel cables
Battery charger
Lightweight breathable sheet and neck piece
Back pack bag

How the Sportz Vibe Rug works

Warm up: The increase in blood flow helps to make muscles more elastic and therefore assists you to warm up your horse reducing the risk of injury.

Recovery: Massage can help to reduce inflammation by stimulating the lymphatic system to remove toxins. An increase in blood flow also helps bring oxygen and nutrients to the area. This can assist with the healing process.

Your Sportz-Vibe rug has eight different panel positions:
1. Either side of the hind quarters
2. Either side of the saddle area
3. Either side of the shoulders
4. Either side of the neck
There are 3 separate battery positions.

Your rug has four panels and a battery supplied with it. You can move the panels and battery around to treat different areas on your horse. This allows you to treat hind quarters and the saddle area or the saddle area and shoulders at the same time. The neck piece has a separate battery pocket and can be treated separately.

If you want extra panels, I can supply these so please contact me.


If your horse has physical problems that might be aggravated by massage or vibration, consult your veterinarian before using Sportz-Vibe. In some cases, your horse may have an underlying condition which means you shouldn’t use Sportz-Vibe, for example in the case of fractures, cancer and certain skin conditions massage may not be an appropriate treatment.