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Medical Taping has been a proven and international accepted method in many physiotherapy clinics and hospitals and is widely used all over the world. Medical Taping provides positive results and has a good track record and is expected to remain one of the daily used treatment methods by many physiotherapists. THYSOL GROUP introduced Medical Taping (Kinesiology tape) into Europe more than 15 years ago. Currently THYSOL is active in more than 50 countries with the brand: CureTape®.

Recently THYSOL teamed up with veterinary professionals to develop a special tape for animals, giving the same results as CureTape®, but then exclusively for animals. The development of VetkinTape® was possible thanks to our own production possibilities. We have the human as well as the veterinary knowledge and expertise at our own R&D facilities.


In most of the cases the results obtained with using CureTape® can also be obtained with animals. The tape needs to be slightly different due to the differences in skin/hair, muscles structure and anatomy. Furthermore, we see differences in diagnosed problems and in the frequency of occurrence.

All these factors were taken into consideration when developing this new innovative veterinary kinesiology tape. The result is VetkinTape®; a tape that sticks well and gives the maximum results for animals. In practice we have seen that VetkinTape® can be used to assist in:

  • Injured muscles – the tape lifts the skin from the underlying tissues. This has an effect of reducing pain, promoting circulation, assisting in the reduction of any swelling and enhancing the blood flow to the injured muscle.

  • Biomechanical dysfunction – the tape provides support or stability without restricting the range of motion.

  • Postural dysfunction – the tape improves the proprioceptive feedback to the area thereby assisting in the retraining of muscles that maintain correct posture.

It doesn’t necessarily make a horse’s performance better than at baseline, but it can improve endurance as the increased circulation can assist to improve the supply of oxygen to muscles and with the removal of the lactic acid. It can also improve recovery time after intense training sessions or races, as the increased circulation assists in the removal of waste products.

Medical Taping can be used either as a sole or as an adjunctive treatment in equine therapy throughout the rehabilitation process.

Prices include delivery.

Please confirm colours by email: susannah@equestrianhire.co.uk if mixed box is required.

We supply only to qualified Equine Body Workers who have completed an Equine Taping Course.

For information on attending Vetkin Equine Taping Courses either contact me by email or visit www.vetkintape.com.

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Vetkin Taping Practitioners


Dr Tracy Crook MSc Vet Physio (RVC) PhD
T: 07762 380816
W: www.chilternvetphysio.com


Sally Cinnamond, Chartered Physiotherapist
T: 07969 157507
E: sallycinnamond@gmail.com

East Sussex and Kent

Gemma Phelps
Equine and Human Sports Massage Therapist
T: 07910375052
E: gp-equinetherapy@hotmail.co.uk

East Sussex/Surrey /Greater London

Friederike Stenning
T: 07532 403201
E: physio@hoovespaws.co.uk
W: www.hoovespaws.co.uk


Jan Webb
T: 07773421861
E: janwebtherapy@gmail.com


Sarah Light
T: 07969770872
W: www.horseandriderphysio.co.uk


Kazia Lyons
T: 07877 829 590
E: info@kazia-equine.co.uk

Warwickshire /Worcestershire/Oxfordshire/Gloucestershire/West Midlands/M40 corridor

Sue Connolly
T: 07737 396842
E: Scemrtuk@gmail.com


Jane Baker McTimoney
T: 07836 799037
W: www.janebakermctimoney.co.uk


Mary Sargent
T: 07528931422
E: equinebodyworks@outlook.com