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Fenwick Black Titanium Calming Mask


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I have an ex hired Large without ears which would be £69 & a Small w/o ears which has been put on once which would be £82 inc postage,  send me an email if you are interested 

I have a couple of Small without ears that have clips/snaps let me know if you would prefer this when you order.

Sizing Guide in photos.

How the hire works - Deposit £89 without ears, £99 with ears. 

You pay the full price of the mask in advance which includes 1st class signed for delivery and if you want to return it after 2 weeks, then once I have received it back, I would refund you less the hire fee of £18. Subject to our terms of hiring.

If you want to purchase only, the price is the same.

Why try a Fenwick Calming Mask? 

I bought a Fenwick Calming Mask for my sharp young horse who was coming off 2 months box rest, after trying 10 different calming supplements which were a complete waste of money as none of them worked on him. This was a last ditch attempt to get him to relax more and focus on me rather on an imaginary ghoul in the hedge. I couldn’t believe how well it worked so here they are. Like quite a lot of innovative equestrian products, it is horses for courses but I get less than 10% returned from hire!

Head Shaking

I am also getting positive feedback from customers who are using the mask for headshakers!

The current stock is black both with and without ears are velcro, as I find these more adjustable.

Fenwick Liquid Titanium® Calming Mask is the first therapeutic mask which can help your horse relax and focus naturally. This drug-free breathable, wicking, 4-way stretch fabric makes the mask very comfortable for your horse while schooling, competing, whilst in a stable, turned out in a paddock or travelling. The therapeutic mask can be worn 24/7, depending on your horse’s need. Fenwick's therapeutic head gear is approved for racing worldwide. They are legal to use BS but not BD or BE.


How to measure; there are 3 important measurements when sizing a mask for your horse or pony.

The distance between the eyes, measure mid eye.

The circumference toward the bottom of the cheek bone (depending upon your horse's conformation)

And the length from behind the poll to the center of the face just below the raised cheekbone 

The sizing chart is in the photos. If your horse/pony is in between sizes when you measure, then size up not down as the Fenwick Mask mustn't be tight.

For customers outside the UK please contact me at the above email address as I can supply you without the VAT.

If you are still unsure, please get in touch and I can help you with this.