About Equestrian Hire


I am Susannah Secrett and I help other riders who have problems with their horses, whether it is discomfort or a mood issue or an injury. I would like to help you get this sorted by advising which of these innovative equestrian products might help. You can try before you buy for 2 weeks, rather than just buying the product at huge expense and then if it doesn't work you have the hassle of having to sell it on. 

 The Idea

Why buy from me rather than somewhere cheaper? You will get free Micklem sizing and fitting advice and if the Micklem doesn’t fit I will replace it with the correct size. I size your horse with emailed photos using my unique measuring system. I can do this as I have fitted over 2000 Micklem Bridles since 2012!

How the hire works:
You pay for the product as a deposit
Try it for 2 weeks or 4 weeks for the Bomber bits
Either return it on the 15th day and then you will be refunded less the relevant hire fee and original delivery charge subject to the hire terms.
Or keep it and then you would have tried it for free as the products I send out to try are new.

My vision statement is that there is a happy combination of bit and bridle for each horse you just have to find it!


Micklem Head Collar